Scott Grover is available for team, private and semi private lessons. Please view the Calendar below for openings.

Please view the Calendar below for openings. Simply click on the buttons along the top of the calendar to view available times for the week, month and year.

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Team Lessons

I am available to Teach the players everything from proper stride technique to how to do it all with a puck.  I can incorporate Goalies into the session as well as work with ¾ of the ice so that Goalie instruction can go on while I am working with the other players.  In short the Team sessions can be set up to cover whatever the Coach needs me to cover or I can come with my own lesson plan and run it on my own.  Flexibility is the key to these sessions.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for all types of players.  I would suggest that the player be at least 9 to 10 years old before you pursue private lessons.  The reason for this is that the younger player can get just as much out of a public skating session as they can a private lesson.

For all players that are older than 9 or older these sessions provide excellent personalized instruction as well as a specific breakdown on how to make the player a better skater.  This is done both without and with pucks.  Which means that we will focus correct way to skate while carrying the puck and even shooting the puck.

Semi Private Lessons

Semi Private sessions are the best bang for your buck in my opinion.  In these sessions you get the best of both worlds.  You will get the high paced/technical practice that I would focus on in the Team scenario.  However, you will also get the more specific corrections that you would get during a Private session because you are in a smaller group.  All while splitting the cost with that group of players.  I would also include pucks on these sessions.  In all three scenario’s it is a progression of Skating technique.  Then adding pucks so that the skating technique gets carried over to the players game.

Kerry Park Camp

This Camp is the first introduction to Body Contact that I have run in BC.  The focus is on the correct way to approach Body Contact.  In other words the correct mentality to Body Contact.

We will teach the importance of balance to skating and to hitting in the game.  Body contact is meant to just make the other player lose position of the puck.  Not to hit them so hard that they need to be carried off on a stretcher.  I will use body contact pads so that the players actually get hit.  Which will teach them how to give and receive the hit. We will then touch on the difference between open ice and board hits.  Again focusing on how to give and receive these hits.  It is through the proper mentality that the player will be effective in the physicality of the game but also be able to continue to be a offensive and defensive force.

At the same time each session will address and reinforce all of the skating techniques that I have built my reputation on.

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Westhills Camp

This Camp will focus on Skating for players from the House level to the Rep level.  Through proper technique I will teach the importance of balance to all aspects of game.

The Camp will start with stopping in both directions then move to a breakdown of forward and backward stride.   The next day we will apply all of that to the three different types of turning.  Finally we will teach the forward and backward crossovers always driving home the importance of body balance during the task.  My program is designed to have the player work hard but have fun. So that ultimately the player will achieve success in his or her game.

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